Batrachomyomachia (Battle of Mice and Frogs)

Watercolor, 2014
55 x 75 cm

Based on an ancient greek fable, ascribed to Homer.

The picture shows a battle scene from an old fable that dates back to ancient greece, called “Batrachomyomachia”. The story is about a conflict which is initiated by the frog king’s treachery (Physignathus) against the mouse prince (Psycharpax). During an invitation by the Frog king to join him for dinner he let the mouse prince sit on his back while he’s swimming to the other side of the brook. While swimming, the frog king get scared by a water snake and dive under water. The prince subsequently fall into the water and drowns. Another mouse sees the event and tell the others. This enrage the Mice and declares war against the Frogs. A battle commence between them and the Mice prevail. To prevent the complete destruction of the Frogs Zeus summons a force of crabs to hinder the Mice. They eventually retreat and the one-day war ends at sundown.